Pop quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cars?

1. Kids should always stay
a. In school until they’re 35
b. In their car or booster seats in the back
c. Quiet

2. The proper tire pressure is
a. Somewhat dependent on the type of tires and the season
b. Usually between 30 and 35 psi, but check your manual
c. Whatever my dad or brother set it at, I assume

3. Air filters should be changed
a. When I get around to it
b. Whenever you change our oil
c. What’s an air filter?

4. What might it mean if the engine light comes on?
a. Call a mechanic
b. Get a code reader and hook it up to find the problem
c. Time to buy a new car, this one’s broken

5. A jack is for
a. Setting your beer on when working under the hood
b. Lifting the car when changing a tire
c. Keeping your balls drained between hook-ups