About the Vampire’s Ball

One of my Langara profs used to work in the newsroom with the late great Jack Webster. Apparently Jack once told him, “When it stops being fun, Teddy, get the Hell out.”

Pondering that right now, which is to say there’s a good chance the Vampire’s Ball (my weekly show on CiTR Radio) is going away in the next little bit. They’re now wanting to mandate all the DJs recite some bullshit land claim native territory thing during every single station ID, which amounts to forcing all DJs to make a political declaration whether or not they agree with it and whether or not the DJ feels it’s appropriate for the show (eg. I keep The Vampire’s Ball fairly apolitical and focus on music only; my political rants are on the Under My Skin podcast).

That kind of dictating has never happened in the 15 years I’ve been involved with CiTR, and in fact runs contrary to the anti-authoritarian spirit of college radio.

But of course the colleges are getting more insular and intolerant in recent years.

Will have more information and my decision on this week’s show.