Filming, googly eyes, and ripping CDs

Actual production on The Nick White Show has begun… sorta.

The first video will be a little no-dialogue skit using the graffiti wall I posted about yesterday as an outdoor set. I filmed it this morning (because I forgot about the whole nasty black shadows on the set thing from the afternoon sun yesterday and left it too long to get the job done), starting at 11am and finishing about 1:30, just ahead of the sun’s reach.

So… 2 1/2 hours to shoot something that I estimated would be 3 minutes max… and I have something like 100 still photos and 12 minutes of zooms and pans… gonna have a lot more quick edits than I thought I would. Or it’s gonna be a bit longer.

I do know a bunch of the zooms were re-dos where I caught the edge of the graffiti wall or otherwise screwed it up, but I bet I’ll be speeding them up and chopping a bunch off anyway.

Anyway, so I should have that done in a couple days to post.

And I learned today that filming is hard physical labour. Even when you’re just filming a quick little sketch of doll tableaus on your back steps.

Maybe that should be “especially when you’re just filming a quick little sketch of doll tableaus on your back steps.”

Up til now, almost all of my filmmaking experience has been the sort of YouTube videos where I set up a camera and plonk my ass down in front of it and talk or where I take old public domain footage and edit it with effects to make creepy music videos.

Gonna be feeling all the squatting and bending weird ways to get good angles. But it should all be worth it in the end… and at least the majority of this project will be filmed inside on a tabletop for better ergonomics.

But anyway, here’s a still I took during the shoot:

Pádraig’s sister on the right appears to be day-drinking.

In other news, I thought I ordered 1000 glass eyes to use in sculptures. What arrived, though, was this:

… plus 1000 cheap shitty plastic googly eyes.

At first I was pissed they sent me the wrong shit and then I reread the eBay listing and… well, that’s exactly what I ordered. Dunno why they’d bundle 21 pairs of fancy glass eyes with a crapload of shitty plastic ones, but this one’s all on me for not reading it.

At least it was cheap, and I only paid a buck or two more than what the going rate for that many glass eyes is on Amazon.

Maybe at some point I’ll figure out a use for the legion of googly ones. Oh well.

What else? I mentioned the dishwasher leak last week, so far the fix is holding.

I had a stack of CDs needing to be ripped into my iTunes that I finally got around to, including but not limited to these:

New releases from Inhaler, Mother Mother, Gary Numan, and last year’s Skold album, plus a couple old ones from Current 93 and Gavin Friday.

Speaking of Current 93, after I was filing in the song info on the new adds, I scrolled down and saw this on one of the older Current 93 tracks:

Every track on Swastikas For Goddy has this sort of code stuff in the comments. I think I bought it on iTunes years ago but I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other tracks.

Couldn’t find anything about it on a search either.

I guess if I’m ever bored enough, I’ll try to decode it.

Anyway… I guess this relates to The Vampire’s Ball. Which I haven’t done in a couple weeks after tweaking my back just before Valentine’s Day.

But I do want to get back to it… I do need to figure out a more efficient way to do it, though.

We’ll see.

Not much else to report, and I forgot to take garden pics earlier. Oops.

But I do have one pic of crocuses I took on Tuesday: