2021 Christmas Trees

Last week I mentioned setting up the trees, and now I have them all decorated so let’s see some pics.

First up is the small lime green tinsel tree:

I got this a number of years ago at Homesense on clearance for like $20, and it’s tended to be the “Zamo tree” with lizard/dinosaur theming.

Well, also with anything lime green, but also little touches like the mini sweaters and the mini fur coat (these would actually fit an iguana… well, at least a younger/slimmer iguana, lol).

This one usually gets put up in my upstairs office in front of the east window, and is almost always the first to get decorated since it’s small and easy.

Next up, the “ocean tree.”

Usually this one has been in the upstairs hallway and was more of a frosty/nature themed tree… but the ocean ornaments are always my favorite ones so I decided this year to restrict it to those themes.

Which made it a little sparse this year, but oh well.

Also, I’ve mentioned my planned move for next year and I need to reduce the amount of stuff I have. I’m thinking when I get to the US I’ll have a smaller apartment so probably I’d only have two trees, one large and one small. I’ll keep my main tree, and the Zamo one, so this flocked tree is getting donated after this Christmas.

I’ll keep the ornaments, of course, because I think I’ll start cycling themes on the main tree year by year instead of having multiple trees with their own themes… aside from Zamo’s dino tree, of course.

Moving on, another tree that I will give away before the move is the pencil tree:

Usually this one has been a combo of traditional red and gold deco and a woodland theme.

This year I opted to leave it undecorated and only lit.

Lastly, the main tree:

So this is currently a cross between food/candy motifs, birds, and cartoon characters, lol. Hence why I say I’d like to just rotate themes.

There’s another tree, not set up, which is a 1970s bottle-brush style one, the one I grew up with. My dad doesn’t decorate for Christmas and insists I need to take it and all the Christmas stuff.

On the one hand, where the Hell will I put it? On the other hand, it’s 7′ tall and while a lot of the branches are squashed, there’s good gaps between the levels of the branches which is ideal for hanging dangling ornaments and balls on the interior of the tree.

And there’s sentimental value in it.

And the branches are metal wire and hella strong.

So… we’ll see.

I do really prefer a white or flocked tree, but then again… this lady’s video came up when I googles “spray flocking”:

This is very similar to the 70s tree I have: Worth Point retro tree.

I’m not sure how well the flocking will work on it, but hey, worth a shot.

Worst case scenario, if it looks bad with white flocking, I could spray it all silver, I guess. I’ve always wanted one of those really vintage aluminum trees, and that would be a good way to fake it.

So… dunno… I might donate the white tree before the move too and just take the old family one and Zamo’s tree. The white one was cheap at Walmart anyway, so it’s not like I can’t just buy another if need be.