The deluge continues, deco to-do, and some degenerates in the ancient family tree

The rain continues. My backyard is pretty much a sponge at this point, and I opted to not get drenched for any pics of the garden, not that there’s much to see.

I need to get out there and put up some Christmas lights, but it looks like Monday and Tuesday will have a break so I guess that’s when it’ll get done. I think I left up some of the lights in the backyard from last year, certainly all the pink ones on the gazebo are up still, so I just have to find the plug end and the timer and that part will be good to go.

In the meantime, I’ve started putting up trees inside, albeit I’ve not started decorating any of them:

Turns out last year I mixed up all the decorations in the bins instead of having them separated by tree, so that’s kinda a pain in the ass.

I’ll probably get the main living room tree put up this coming week after I finish with the outside lights and I’ll just slowly chip away at the decorations til I’ve got them all done.

I’m not sure if I’ll put my 4th tree up this year. Part of me is debating donating it during the deco purge I’ll be doing, but then I do like that really skinny kind of pencil tree that it is, and it might be useful, depending how much space I have after the move next year, so…

Speaking of which, I am squelching the urge to order a few more Christmas Lemax pieces from Michaels, because the ones I want are exclusives there right now, and overpriced, but next year I’ll be able to order them from wherever in the US and for cheaper.

I might order one big animated piece from to get it out of my system, lol… and because the most expensive piece they have there right now is still cheaper than at Michael’s.

Y’know, it’s funny: when I started with the Christmas Lemax a couple years back, I just wanted cabins in the woods. And I still like those, but what draws my eye now are the more whimsical pieces. Kinda like the Halloween Lemax where I don’t care about the so-called “trick or treat houses,” I want the more fantastical ones. Even just for pieces that simply light up, gimme something surreal… I live in a town, I can see plain houses all day long.

I guess some people like to have their villages be more realistic, either for a sense of nostalgia for how they remember an idyllic childhood setting, or a sense of longing if they didn’t actually have such a childhood. For me, I guess I figure it’s all fantasy, so make it fantastical. Let’s see some crazy building that wouldn’t actually exist.

That said, I don’t think I’ll sell any of the cabins I have at this point. They might be very useful when I’m living somewhere hot and nostalgic for snow.

Or I’ll sell ’em next year, dunno.

Anyway, I wrote another post showing all the Lemax set-up, so enough of that here for now.

What else… oh yeah, I finally got around to watching a video Survive the Jive made about ancient pagan horse sacrifices a few months back.

Turns out the Irish royals not only sacrificed horses, the king fucked the horse before sacrificing it.

Supposedly my mother’s Irish family descends from the old high kings of Ireland at Tara.



Needless to say, this is the sort of information Zamo would have a field day with… anyway, if you want to point and laugh, here ya go:

Well, y’know, they say horse racing is the sport of kings, and I guess now we know it started with the horses running away from whichever of my ancestors had his dick out trying to catch one.

Oh well.

In other news, I’m trying to be more focussed and get more stuff finished. Will I succeed? Probably not, but I’m trying.

So expect some more restrained reading list posts and stitching blog updates for as long as this focus kick thing lasts, lol…

No garden pics to close-out this week, but let’s have a couple more Christmas deco pics instead:

Can’t take credit for this one, I bought it at Homesense a couple years back rather than making it.
Santa’s had it with the North Pole and has already gone south for the winter.
Robo-Iggy sings a little song and probably plans to beat me with those maracas if I get out of line. Or so Zamo tells me.