Friday Arts & Crafts Day Update: March 4, 2022

No knitting or stitching this week, it was all about the prop and set making for The Nick White Show this week.

The biggest project was this graffiti and poster wall that I officially needed only for one quick shot in a montage in the trailer, but I kinda overdid it. And I love it, so now I think this will be an actual set piece – an outside wall of Nick’s studio, Starboard Sound, where Nick will advertise whatever new tour or single he’s shilling and the locals (including his disgruntled wife and staff) will deface it.

Y’know, kinda a smoke pit area.

And due to current events, the graffiti ended up a bit more political than I planned, but there’s still a lot of shit in there that would be by or about the characters on the show.

Anyway, here it is:


Hmmm… Pádraig’s been here

Possibly my favorite diss on the wall, lol…
It’s funny because it’s true.

Had to do a version of a signature.

And here’s a pic of the wall with Nick’s wife Joanne for scale:

So, the process: first I made the different posters and printed them. Then I took this old kinda trashed plywood piece I got from my dad, applied a greyish wash to make it look even older, then started painting and defacing it before adding the posters (tearing them up because I’ve never seen one of these mass-postering walls that wasn’t ripped up within a day or so of the latest posters being installed), then added more vandalism.

While I was in Photoshop making the posters for the wall, I also whipped up a fake magazine for a shot in the trailer:

(Shut out again is the set-up for a visual punchline in the next shot of the trailer…)

And I needed a yacht brochure for one of the prequel interview videos, here modelled by Starboard Sound’s receptionist Sally’s sister, Alba:

Here’s Alba also modelling one of the little prop joints I made:

I should have made a couple album covers in Photoshop, but I didn’t think of that when I had the ancient decrepit MacBook up and running, so I just did a couple by hand for what I’m going to shoot this weekend that doesn’t need close-ups:

Lastly for the show: I made a few more gold and platinum record award plaques:

A couple golds and a single platinum… or, as Nick calls them, “disappointments.”

I did also 3 more pieces of aida:

There’s also been some planning for more props. Like there’s an episode of the show where I have to sculpt 3 monumental statues (well, monumental on the Barbie scale). That’ll be a bit down the road and those 3 statues have to be done before I start any preproduction on the rest of the episode.

But I won’t show those til after the episode is done, otherwise I’m giving the gags away too early.