Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Marilyn Manson band poster

I was gonna title this as “Marilyn Manson band autographs” but that would lead one to think I got Manson’s signature as well as a couple of his backing musicians.

Here’s the story: Manson had been on the Phil Donahue show but this was before Antichrist Superstar came out, so he wasn’t actually famous yet. He was doing a club tour and the Vancouver date was an all-ages at the New York Theatre, which was a semi-legendary venue at the time (eg., I think my brother saw Nirvana open for Sonic Youth there, shit like that).

So I went with a couple school chums and I snagged this poster off the wall, and a couple people were saying they would hang out and try to get autographs after the show.

We, of course, joined the crowd. My friends left maybe 30 minutes later because they had to get home. My mother was coming to pick me up and I had called to say to wait a bit… nonetheless, she arrived in time to embarrass me when I was getting Madonna Wayne Gacy’s autograph.


Anyway, by the time Manson himself came out it was me and two older girls I didn’t know but had been chatting with while waiting.

The tour manager said he would come back out from the bus and sign stuff in a few minutes, plus he had this weird sorta confused look on his face and I think other guys in the band had said he was sick. He looked like he might barf, and I didn’t want to be in the spray zone if he did, so I stayed off to the side and just politely said something about liking the album (Portrait of an American Family) and thought the show was great.

Well, as soon as he was on the bus with the tour manager and the door was closed, the other girls giggled and one bragged about having groped Manson’s ass, and gestured with her fingers like she’d tickled his asshole through his leggings.

Hmm… that would explain the weird look on his face.

He never came back out, but my mother, who was parked around the corner watching, came to yell at me that it was time to go home, and I might have delayed another 5 minutes but I was already in shit, so I went home.

And thus the poster has no signature from Manson.

I also got a set list, but let’s save that for a later post.