Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Aerosmith backstage signage

Or rather: alleged Aerosmith backstage signage. I got this almost 8 years ago off of eBay for $20 and the claim was that it was a sign that Aerosmith used to stick up at the entrance to their backstage area.

It came in one of those plastic sheet protector things you use in binders; I framed it myself later on.

So… is it real?

Dunno, don’t really care.

It is plausibly the sort of joke poster guys like Aerosmith might have put up, and I guess if I’d bought it when I was still learning audio engineering in the Vancouver studio scene, I could have asked Gggarth or one of the other guys in the know… though I would have been careful to ask it in a joking way so as to not get mocked for having bought such a thing if it were fake.

It’s a funny sign regardless of whether it really was 25 years old and legit when I bought it or whether someone was just printing them out as the orders came in.

PS: I figured I should Google it since I was posting and I did find this on someone else’s blog about Aerosmith, which lends some legitimacy to the one I’ve got… although maybe they did have some real ones and someone could have still been printing and selling fakes on eBay.

I love it either way.

PPS: this was written in advance, but by the time of posting at the end of July we should now have Lemax Spooky Town in stores and available for the hoarding. This means it might be a while before we comes back to my music memorabilia collection if the pickings are good at the local Michael’s… I know, I know, I should just buy Lemax Spooky Town now and not post about it til October in the lead-up to Halloween, but that will depend entirely on how excited I am about this year’s acquisitions. Y’all might be in for a solid 3 months of Halloween stuff between old and new pieces. Deal with it.