Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Mötley Crüe picks

I’ve had these for years and I think I posted the Tommy Lee one (from one of his solo tours) a while back, but they caught my eye so they’re this week’s memorabilia post:

And the flip sides:

And, of course, Tommy Lee… classy as ever:

I have a decent little collection of guitar picks; I think I started with buying a bunch of Izzy Stradlin ones (both from the GNR days and his side project the Ju Ju Hounds), back before the GNR reunion was announced and GNR memorabilia wasn’t as crazy expensive as it became once the reunion was announced.

I kinda like these as little amulets of sorts. I think all my guitar cases still each have one of Izzy’s picks tucked in the little accessory compartment for good luck from the last days of playing gigs as maQLu (to the limited extent that I did so, lol… and no, it didn’t work to bring me too much luck onstage).

Most of my collection, however, live in tiny picture frames dotted around the iMac I use for audio work up in my office.