July 1st

Ahem… *clears throat*

“Fuck Canada! Fuck Canada!
With all their beady little eyes
and flapping heads so full of lies…
It seems that everything’s gone wrong
since Canada came along…
They’re not even a real country anyway!”

The flags in the park across the street are at half mast and have been for weeks. Canada Day has been cancelled all over due to finding mass graves at residential schools. Which sucks and is a horrible aspect of the country’s history, I’m not disputing that and certainly the kids should be mourned, but the real reason they ought to have cancelled Canada Day is the country’s descent into a Karenocracy where the whims and paranoias of insane dried out old cat ladies becomes mandated.

My brother’s house arrest is finally over, after him getting an extra week due to a supposedly damaged rona test on the mandatory day 8. Then they waited until he saw the results days later in the app and ordered replacement tests to send them out (shouldn’t they have been sent as soon as the test was found damaged instead of him needing to demand them?) and then there was a ton of back and forth and incompetent twats giving him conflicting information of what to do. And on day 20, about an hour before the app showed the replacement tests had come back negative and his quarantine was now over, some jackboot from the feds called to hassle and bully him and demand to know why there weren’t test results from the day 8 yet. (Like he’s in charge of how long the courier takes to get them to the lab and how long the lab takes to get around to doing them and posting the results.)

All so the Karens can feel safe from the sniffles.

Free country, my ass.

Yeah, I know I’m being pissy, but in this household my brother and I are making our escape plans. He’ll be moving to Mexico, I probably will as well. Or figure out that ex-pat thing of skipping countries every 6 months.

Those of you still celebrating, good for you. In some ways I wish I could because it pisses off the petty tyrants who have sought to squash every celebration for over a year, but as far as I’m concerned, South Park had it right a long time ago:

Oh, and then there’s this… which seems a minor quibble but I’ve never seen anything like it before: The heat wave I whined about on Saturday ended on Tuesday right on schedule, and Tuesday was almost 10 degrees cooler than Monday. Yet for some reason the heat warnings continue.

Check this out from this morning:

Taken 15 seconds later:

20 celsius for you metric people, and it maxed out at about 22 as the daytime high. Overnight lows of 15.

This is not “unseasonably warm.” It is, in fact, slightly cooler than the average temperature here for this time of year:

(Taken from Wikipedia here.)

So where the Hell do the provincial goosesteppers get off pushing for a heat warning when there is no reason to and even the feds point out that the criteria are not being met?

Same reason they did the lockdowns and other bullshit with no data to support it and in fact long after data showed it was a bad idea: because they can. Because the Karens insist on their delusions of safety. Because no one tells them to get fucked.

And because it’s an additional way to twist the knife and ruin celebrations for this dead country’s holiday.

I’m sure there might be areas where it is still hot, but what I noticed was interesting is usually the warnings show locations covered by the warnings in this app, but this time there’s none. On the actual website, it appears all the populous areas of BC are covered by the warning, regardless of actual temperature.

I’ve been using the same weather app for at least 5 years, seen all sorts of warnings in that time, including heat warnings, and I’ve never seen them continue a heat warning after the temperatures fall. Nor have I ever seen any mention of the provincial health assholes. Never!

So the banana republic shit continues.

I’ll leave you with another song:

“The ship is sinking
The ship is sinking
The ship is sinking

There’s a leak, there’s a leak, in the boiler room
The poor, the lame, the blind
Who are the ones that we kept in charge?
Killers, thieves, and lawyers”

Just remember: ships tend to sink slowly at first, then very quickly. Plan accordingly.

The shitty thing is that it didn’t have to be this way.

And once upon a time, I used to be quite patriotic. When I moved to this small town, it was refreshing to see all the Canadian flags and the bunting and celebrations of Canada Day. Hell, I even started a Canada sampler back when I was doing a lot of cross-stitch.

This is as far as I got on it in late 2019, maybe 1/3 done:

Then I was busy stitching Halloween and Christmas stuff. Then it was 2020 and I had less time to stitch as I worked on art and later writing.

In the meantime, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms proved to be worthless and now I don’t have any affection for this land. It’s not my home, it’s just where I currently live. And I purged out any patriotic or pro-Canada decorations I had months ago.

I still have the sampler, but I doubt I will ever finish it, or if I do, maybe it’ll be in 10 years when I’m living in Mexico and the heat’s getting to me… even then, I suspect I’d only be finishing it ironically.

“God keep our land glorious and free.”

LOL… Tom said it best: God’s away on business.

Probably down in the Promised Land of Florida.