Monday Memorabilia/Collections: U2.IE tour program

Usually when I get new additions to my memorabilia collection, I slap it in the Saturday life update blog, but I was thinking I should do a weekly blog on that stuff.

Not everything will be something I just got, because I have various collections that have been ongoing for years, and it would be fun to show off some of that stuff I’ve had for ages, and while the biggest collection is music memorabilia, I also collect stuff like crystals and minerals, Lemax houses (especially Spooky Town… which should be in Michael’s again in a couple weeks! Yay!), dragons, bird deco pieces, masks… I’m probably forgetting a bunch of things.

So… let’s start a little weekly blog on that stuff.

First up: The tour program for U2’s Innocence and Experience tour program.

This one is a new arrival from eBay this week. As I opened the box, my brother rolled his eyes and said “Another U2 tour book?!?”

“Yup. Gotta collect them all!”

Besides, these U2 tour books are awesome just as graphic design art pieces. A few choice pages from this one:

Another neat detail with this book is it’s essentially 2 tour programs in one (flipped backwards against each other) joined together with a page with the lightbulb cut out. The two sides of the bridge page with the light: