Book arrival… and work on another book…

So, parcel delivery apparently happens on Saturdays, at least for Amazon orders… which is weird because it all comes via Canada Post who usually never deliver on weekends, but I guess since we’ve all been on house arrest to satisfy the goddamn corona Karens everyone shops online instead of in person so maybe the Saturday parcel delivery is a new thing.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I ordered this book from Amazon, and I think I ordered a “like new” used copy from a new seller in Toronto that was a couple bucks cheaper than the new version from Amazon:

And I realize when I get inside the house it’s not the usual Amazon box or the padded mailers used sellers usually use, then I notice the mailing label:

Now I’m confused because I never order from Indigo, and almost never visit actual Chapters stores, lol…

Once opened, instead of the usual Amazon invoice, there’s one from Indigo, which oddly mentions no prices so it’s kinda like a gift invoice…

Um… thanks… but you do know this is a bad business model, right? Because Indigo doesn’t seem to sell used books so far as I know, and their price for a new copy is the same as the Amazon new copy price, which was a buck or two more than what I paid, and of course Amazon takes a percentage.

The seller is brand new on Amazon and all the reviews are from the last week or so, and at least one other noted the Chapters Indigo thing as well. So… is the seller selling on Amazon books that have been ordered on Chapters? If so, based on the number of reviews, they’ve already lost $20 on the markup and I don’t know what fees from Amazon.

But hey, you do you… I’m not complaining, I just think it’s a tad odd.

In other book stuff, I’m working on some illustration things this week after spending the last 3 days sorting out website issues. Here’s a couple of the reference images (taken in my own yard):