Flannels and quilts and it’s time to dye my hair again

Well, the rains have come off and on this week, and monsoon season seems to be upon us for the next few months.

Still, there’s been some sun, and the garden seems to be enjoying the change.

Inside the house, October means the start of flannel sheet season, which is a nice and welcome change. I also threw a second quilt on the bed, which is actually the very first quilt I ever made over 15 years ago:

Yeah, this was during the height of my hardcore LaVeyan Satanist period, lol…

And of course my first quilt was a queen-sized one that involved complicated circular quilting (requiring me to turn the whole thing in a circle through the throat of a regular sized sewing machine because I didn’t know about free motion quilting yet) along with star appliqués.

It was a pain in the ass to make, and probably the saving grace was that the batting is poly batting which is much easier and lighter to work with versus the cotton batting I now prefer.

But in any case, it’s useful and comes out every winter without fail.

Speaking of colder weather and provisions for such, this week my brother learned that my house has weird circuitry (seriously, there’s a couple circuits that have like 10 plugs on them and others that only have one) and thus if he wanted to run both a space heater and his infrared light therapy box thingy at the same time in the dining room, he would pop a breaker.

And then he didn’t know where the main circuit breaker panel thing was, so he asked me.

Me: “Behind Bono.”
Him: “What the…”
Me: “Behind that U2 poster above my desk in the nook.”
Him: *grumbling*

For whatever reason, the house has never had a door on the breaker panel. I used to hide it behind a smaller Keith Richards poster, but then that went back up at the top of the stairs when I got the big U2 poster, because Keef wasn’t quite big enough to hide the whole thing:

I had debated putting my INXS poster here and the U2 one in the bedroom upstairs, but the color schemes work better this way.

Speaking of my brother, the other night I overheard my brother’s Zoom Spanish class and they were practising adjectives by giving descriptions of family members.

Apparently I need to stop wearing my hair up in a bun as I was described as having short hair… GAH!!!!

Well, I mean, I can’t actually sit on it a la Anne Boleyn when it’s down, but damn it, I haven’t had short hair since the 90s! 🤣🤣🤣

Somehow I squelched the urge to call out “LARGO!!!! TENGO EL PELO MUY LARGO!!! ESTA HASTA MI CULO!!!!” (well, almost down to my butt, but I forget how to say “almost”)

Also, if I’m being described as having brown hair it’s definitely time to touch up the ol’ roots again.

And thus, tonight I will be dyeing my hair. I was debating whether to go flaming red or start working my way to blonde again, and I think I’ll try blonde since I haven’t been for a few years.

Also, it’s way easier to go to flaming red from blonde than vice versa if/when I inevitably change my mind.

This is, of course, only a week or two after I made the profile pic on my private Facebook account (the one with less than 30 friends on it) one of the redheaded Barbies, lol:

But hey, if I stick with the bleach, I guess I can eventually swap it to the Barbie on the left here instead:

We’ll see.

What else is new this week? Not much, really. I cleared off a desk in the family room that normally has a sewing machine on it in order to have space to start painting set backgrounds so I can get ready to build sets and props for the web series over the next couple months as well as a space to set up for filming the series.

I need to start with the character interview videos and I think I might start tracking the voices for the first of those this coming week.

As for the sets, I think I’ll keep them kinda cartoony and not too realistic, but I have to get into Photoshop and do some mock-ups to decide more on what sort of cartoony style. ie: black and white or technicolor? Outline only or shading? Etc.

The interviews, however, will just be a character on the sofa and the interviewer (same as the redheaded profile pic Barbie above, who a friend has named “Ginger Babs” and I think I’ll stick to that) on a chair across and I might just do a fabric backdrop… although it might be funny to just do them on my desk, complete with clutter and knitting in the background… but naw, that might be too “breaking the 4th wall”.

We’ll see.

Let’s wrap up with some garden pics:

The tigridia is still going, sending up a new bloom every couple of days.
Some sort of dahlia, I think maybe “Blue Boy”?
I said a couple weeks back that the witch hazel was taking on its fall colors when the leaves went brown. I stand corrected: the orange-red is the real fall color.
The aster is so huge it kinda flopped open in the middle. Still covered in bees.
‘The Lady Gardener’ rose has a few new blooms and more buds opening all the time.
A mess of sunflowers in the front, bending over by a peony whose foliage is turning yellow before dying back underground for the winter.