The Stones Match the Hair #1

ie, both are fake…

Finished up the first of my little 6×6″ mixed media canvases today, got another 7 clogging up my desk. All have acrylic painted backgrounds and appliquéd ribbon, some also have rhinestones or beads sewn on. Next is to do some small drawings and sew them on, then also add other elements, which will vary with each piece.

This one is as follows: acrylic on canvas, metallic ribbon, embroidery thread, acrylic beads, ink on paper, an old thrift store rhinestone earring (I was gonna just wear them, except the little prongs on all the rhinestones kept snagging my hair), gold calligraphy ink.

Signed on the edge with my tattoo logo thingy that I usually use in lieu of an actual signature with the gold calligraphy ink, and the back has my name, URL, title, and inventory number (because yeah, it’s time to start doing that sorta thing now) and month/year in Sharpie ink.

Come fall when I have more done, I’ll know if I’m holding this for a future exhibition or selling it… which reminds me, I need to read up on Woo Commerce vs Etsy in terms of setting up a little shop, but I’ll be lucky if that’s all done by Samhain.

Some detail shots: