Crying wolf, disposals, and dye

Skipped writing one of these last week because there wasn’t really much going on, and even this week was kinda low key.

Well, there was my father going on one of his frequent bouts where he insists he’s dying and about to have a heart attack… but then instead of calling for an ambulance he calls me.

Sunday night I was having a hot bath and reading and heard my phone ring around 11pm. I figured it was my brother and since he’s up late, I could phone him back in half an hour when I was done.

Instead, it’s a message from my father saying to phone right away. He didn’t answer his cell phone but after a couple rings he answered the landline. And then danced around the matter of why he was calling so late, but then said he was having pains in his left arm and chest pressure but then went to bed and hadn’t bothered to take a dose of his nitro that he’s supposed to take in an emergency.

Oh fuck, so it begins…

And then on Tuesday he phones me telling me he’s having a heart attack, but instead of calling an ambulance, he was going to drive 20 minutes to my house, park his truck in front of my house, and get me to drive him the other 5 minutes to the hospital.

Y’know, as one does when one might well be dying.

And if you think I sound callous, well, that’s because I am, and also because this has been going on for a decade.

Including the time when we lived in Richmond and I was summoned back from working on a maQLu album in my jam space studio because once again, Dad was supposedly dying, be so ill in fact that he decided to walk 30 minutes from the house to the hospital because didn’t want to pay for parking in the parkade.

Y’know, as one does when one might well be dying.

(Also, he’s well-off, it’s about being cheap, not poor… of course, I was expected to pay for parking at the hospital parkade…)

Every single time, the tests show nothing wrong.

As my brother said, it’s only gonna get worse because now of course I’m planning to move away and thus I must be guilt-tripped into submission until, I guess, I just agree to sit and wither and wait to die in Canada. Bonus points if I give up enough to move back into my father’s house to sit around and be miserable and wait to die.

Not fucking happening.

Anyway, so there’s been a bunch of bullshit drama going on behind the scenes.

In other behind the scenes bullshit, there’s been the matter of getting rid of my brother’s firearms when he’s already moved. He was able to find a local hunter who dabbles in buying and selling guns who was able to take most of them, but the Karen Kunts, who know nothing about boom-boom sticks beyond their CBC programming brainwashing them into thinking they’re all bad and only mean people own them, which suits the petty tyrants in any case, managed to get AR-15s made illegal.

BTW, even the RCMP made it clear they don’t support this bullshit.

In theory, there was supposed to be a buy-back program, and the 2 year deadline to dispose of the AR-15s or turn them in is almost up (next May 1) but nothing has been done to organize such a program and there is no sign of any plan.

And my brother just wants to cut bait and get out of the country, so while there may well eventually be a buy-back rushed at the very end, what will end up happening is our hunting contact will have to come by my father’s house to hand it over to the local RCMP because only someone with a PAL license can touch the case, even… and as I said, my brother’s left, plus my PAL expired 5 years ago because I didn’t own any guns and wasn’t going to the range anymore and let it go so I can’t handle it… but that will be in 2 weeks after he comes back from a hunting trip.

Thanks, Karen Kunts! Some of you probably still don’t understand why I unfriended and blocked you on FB the day the ban was announced and you were gloating about it. Burn in Hell, seriously.

Anyway, so that was more bullshit from the last couple weeks.

On a more positive note, I’ve been trying to cook at home more and I dyed my hair again:

Yeah, I didn’t like the light brown that resulted from the quick bleaching earlier in the month, and I didn’t much feel like continuing to hit my hair with bleach to get it actually blonde. So I decided to go with a brighter red and we’ll leave it like that for a while.

Less damaging, after all.

Well, let’s wrap it up with some garden pics. Not sure how much longer I’ll bother with garden pics over the winter until things pick up again in the early spring, but here goes:

The moss on the concrete is loving the weather, though.
The nerines love the current conditions as well.
Some of the roses are still trying, but the buds aren’t opening at this point.
A couple dahlias are still limping along, too.
The hellebores are putting on new growth and in less than 2 months will be teasing me with fat flower buds that won’t open until the end of January at the earliest.
The neighbor’s honeysuckle does have a few blooms open, but no scent.
The “winter” daphne is blooming again as well, but like the honeysuckle, it has no scent at this time.

No sign of frost on the forecast for the next 2 weeks, in fact, starting early next week it will warm up slightly and piss rain for a couple weeks, so we might well have some flowering lingering for a bit still.