Are you a typical Vancouverite?

1. Is shutting the Burrard Street Bridge down for a yoga event this month
a. a fabulous way to promote healthy green lifestyles
b. a major inconvenience to drivers
c. not enough, man: we need to blow the bridge up and then people could, like, kayak to work instead

2. Tim Hortons is
a. a great place to get a donut and a coffee for cheap
b. yet another American owned company pretending to be our own
c. where I get blank stares when I try to explain my need for non-fat gluten free fair trade coffee of color

3. Tourism is
a. one of the main drivers of the local economy
b. a great way to show off our beautiful hometown to the world
c. the leading cause of fat waddling American tourists stinking the joint up and clogging the sidewalks between my office and the nearest Starbucks

4. Traffic congestion is
a. an ongoing problem we need to find novel solutions too
b. a major headache
c. Goddess’s way of punishing you planet-kiling scumbags for driving cars instead of riding bikes

5. Foreigners who become absentee owners of vacant houses ought to be
a. ignored and left alone
b. heavily taxed for driving up housing costs
c. BURN THE RICH 1%!!!!