Whole lotta art stuff going on this week

Another week down.

I was at a monotype workshop today, pics on that other post.

Speaking of Ricky B., it was time to set up his very own Instagram, even if there’s not real followers yet: https://www.instagram.com/ricky_b_rat/

So, on that note, here’s the favorite Ricky sketch of the week:

I will, of course, continue to post Ricky cartoons on my regular IG too, same as Noah.

Speaking of Noah, he’s up to 775 followers on Facebook.

Well, I guess let’s run down other art stuff while we’re at it.

I decided to start a new sketchbook with a more varied roster of rock star drawings to post on Instagram. I did a spread of Simon Le Bon to start out, from a still of some TV appearance/performance from 1981:

And the favorite of this week’s Bono Mouse sketches, because that project is still hilarious to me:

And I spent a bit of time this week whilst listening to YouTube shows organizing the pics I have in my reference photos of Bono folder to try to keep things straight about what I have and haven’t drawn already, since by the time the sketchbook is fully filled it will probably comprise of a few hundred drawings and I’d like to avoid repeating any.

And there sure are a ton of repeats in the folder where I have the same photo downloaded 4 times over a few months because I kept forgetting I have it. Blech.

Getting back to the gelli prints I mentioned a couple weeks back, I got another sheet drawn on and chopped into business cards, as per the plan I mentioned before:

A few of my favorite resulting cards:

Finally, I registered for a pastels class starting next month. I haven’t used pastels since high school, though I still have a bunch of old pastels in a box somewhere.

What else…

Well, I forgot the lesson I learned the last time I dyed my hair dark and had a bad reaction because I did it again… fortunately this time taking Reactine for 3 days nipped that shit in the bud.

Will I remember the lesson the next time I’m bored of my hair color? Time will tell.

I still haven’t found the perfect clarinet ligature but I tried a couple solid options.

My teacher asked me this week what I’m dying to learn to play and I realized that I have no clue, lol. I’m drawn to the sound of a clarinet but as for repetoire, especially beginner-friendly repetoire? Beats me…
I do have the urge to learn to play the stuff I programmed as MIDI with faux-clarinet patches in Pro Tools. Beyond that, no clue.

I do feel every so often driven to brush up on piano and learn to play and sing some songs that might be kinda jazz-adjacent. Stuff like old David Sylvian, etc… Of course, that’s aside from the clarinet issue.

What else… well, I forgot to take pics in the garden yesterday and didn’t get home til after dark today, so we’ll leave that til next week.