Cards, sketches, and new Nick White (for real this time… soon…)

Another week gone by… let’s see here, I started back to clarinet lessons and apparently I haven’t completely forgot everything, just 75%… but hey, maybe that means I’ve forgotten some of my bad habits too.

One can dream, right?

Well, last week I mentioned my scheme to make handmade business cards from gelli prints. So far I’ve drawn on two of the prints, one with characters from Noah’s Archipelago and the other with Ricky B:

Wait… did Ruth paint a portrait of Noah or did she paint Bono? (Noah painted himself, of course.)

And then chopped them:

Just 28 sheets more to go.

Speaking of drawings, well… I didn’t get a lot of Ricky B drawings done this week, aside from the cards, but I got a couple, and this is my favorite of them:

Kinda like the old Heartbreakers song, Ricky has a one-track mind… but in his case, it’s all about the cheese.

And the best Bono Mouse sketch of the week:

There was also a small bit of pseudo-life drawing (eg, from one of the photo sets on Line of Action):

And I popped into the local arts council gallery on Thursday and got chatting with one of the other members who was volunteering. Apparently there is life drawing in my town through them so I’ll have to keep an eye out for announcements.

In other “art” news, I buckled down and filmed the next episode of The Nick White Show last night.

Funko Bono is not a part of the new episode, of course, but who could resist the chance to glare disapprovingly at a passed-out Nick alongside Nick’s long-suffering manager Zosime while I finished setting up the set?
Besides, our leprechaun friend is just the right height (or lack thereof) to catch a peep up her skirt while she’s busy yelling at Nick.

Now to get it edited… hopefully tomorrow and Tuesday.

On to the garden.

First up, on Friday I scored big at Home Depot, getting 6 1g pots of hellebores on clearance for $3 each (usually $15 each):

All of them are vigorous and healthy, with loads of new shoots and flowers.

And let’s have a look at some other stuff from the garden:

I think this is a ‘Sunny Girlfriend’

The first of the camellia blooms are now open, too.