Parrots, sketches, and blooms

Where did the week go? Well, I started feeling like crap on Wednesday night and Thursday… I’m better now but still tired and stuffy.

So I’ve been taking it easy for the most part and rescheduling appointments.

Before getting sick, I popped by the Butterfly Garden to spend some time amongst the parrots and other critters.

These white tree nymphs weren’t the only pair of butterflies I saw humping on my visit. Cue the cheesy 70s porn soundtrack.
No make-up and after an hour in the hot greenhouse-like garden I was pretty sweaty, and I think the salt was what this fella was after.

I did some sketching as well, mostly of the macaws:

Definitely not an ex-parrot, but he sure seemed to wish I was an ex-human… either that or he just has the bird version of resting bitch face.

Of course, now I want a parrot… but realistically that’s not in the cards. Maybe later in the year I might get a budgie.

Speaking of drawings, the favorite Bono Mouse of the week:

That stupid song was stuck in my head post-aquasize.

And I did start to tackle the stack of half-finished mixed media paintings I had kicking around from 2020. First one:

Kinda with the same series as I posted about before in 2020, using one of the perfume bottle drawings I did back then plus embellishments.

In other art news, the new episode of The Nick White Show I mentioned last week is underway, with the audio done (I rushed to get it done on Thursday in case I lost my voice but so far I haven’t lost it).

Now to get it filmed…

What else… I’m still behind on updating the Noah website, though they’re all up to date on the Facebook page etc.

And I did get a bit of a start on the spring clean-up in the garden, rose pruning, cutting back overgrown herbs and lavender, etc. On that note, let’s see some pics of what’s in bloom right now:

Carpet of snowdrops.