Fraud, mice-men, art, and not-mine flowers

Been a month or so again, here we go. Saturday life update blog but on Monday night because I’m behind on things.

The big event of the month? Well, take it away, Noah:

Ugh… so I had a bunch of time battling with shitty website forms and sitting on hold trying to get stuff all disputed, which I think is now done, just have to wait for the responses to make it official.

In other annoying news:

That was a few days ago. It’s snowing again tonight and I expect to wake up to 6″ of heavy wet white crap to shovel tomorrow morning.

I am so over the snow.

And the end of the 14 day forecast shows another dump.

In better news, I’ve registered for a couple workshops at MISSA this year. One (a 3D felting class) was cancelled unfortunately, but I swapped into a printmaking workshop in its place. The other is a small scale clay sculpting one. More on those when the time comes in July, though I will need to decide on some designs to plan on for the printmaking workshop.

One thing that was bugging me last month was that despite working on Noah every day, since it’s digital, it felt like I never drew or made art. Crazy, I know: Noah can sometimes take 4 hours to draw a strip!

I need to get back to painting… Trying to get organized and I did find various half-finished paintings from 2020ish. I gotta get my inventory in check and figure out shipping etc but I plan to open an Etsy shop by summertime. (Famous last words.)

Anyway, I got thinking about when I spent the most time making art and one thing that jumped out at me was in high school when I would fill sketchbooks with drawings of rock stars.

Which then felt like a very silly thing to do as a grown-ass woman, even if I feel I do need to draw more (and not just cartoons a la Noah) and it’s a good way to practise figure drawing and I’m in a few U2 fan groups so my FB feed has a steady stream of pics of Bono from all stages of his life and in a variety of poses and camera angles.

But again, very silly and immature. And my inner critic wouldn’t shut up.

Then it occurred to me to lean into the “very silly and immature” in order to short circuit that.

And somehow I came up with the idea to draw Bono with mouse ears… originally of the Disney souvenir hat variety, but then it ended up with Bono becoming “Bono Mouse”: a man-mouse with actual mouse ears growing out of his hair, and a wiggling pink mouse tail and occasionally whiskers… and an obsession with cheese.

And the inner critic didn’t know how to react to that and shut up. Checkmate, asshole.

And so I’ve been doing one Bono Mouse a day since. I won’t post too many of those, but here’s a couple of my favorites so far:

Now, to start another sketchbook with other rock star doodles. After all, my Facebook feed also has a lot of pics of Simon Le Bon… and various others.

Lastly, there’s not much to report and show from my garden other than the snow, but I did pop into the spring preview (inside bulb and flowers display) at Butchart Gardens this week, so here ya go: