Fuck Daylight Savings Time

So we’re finally shaking off the retarded Daylight Savings Time abomination for another year. The fucktards who rule this province want to do away with the time change but keep things permanently on DST, because retarded, but supposedly they won’t do it until Washington, Oregon, and California all also agree to eliminate the time change and stay on DST forever.

Just one problem, though: California may be stupid, but they ain’t nearly as stupid as BC, and they’re actually listening to experts who tell them we should be on standard time year-round.

It’s not a done deal yet, but I’ve heard several sources over the last couple years since that proposition passed that say Cali is more likely to abolish DST all together than to stay on DST permanently.

Which would mean California might be the place to end the madness for once rather than begin it.

Also, it means suck it, BC!

The only people I’ve ever heard wax poetic about DST are stupid Karens. Usually ones who claim it’s so they have more time to play with their grandkids but then it becomes clear they actually can’t stand the little hellions and only see them on weekends when the whole “more light in what we pretend is the evening” bullshit doesn’t even matter.

Sure, you get the odd parent who likes having the kiddies have an “extra hour” of daylight for their evening soccer games, except it’s not extra.

As my aunt Anne always said, “Why don’t they just admit they want everyone to have to get up an hour earlier in the summer? They used to say it was for the farmers but the farmers get up with the sun no matter what the clock says, or they get up even earlier if they have to!”


Truly. More specifically, only Karens.

But then, Karens love the smell of bullshit and they love lies and twisting words to not mean anything.

The DST version of this is of course that noon is supposed to be the mid-point of the daylight hours but actually what we call noon during the summer is an hour before then.

And as Anne pointed out, all these people are simply getting up an hour earlier than they otherwise would. Let’s be blunt, any time you suggest to one of these DST-loving Karens that they could simply set their alarm earlier if they so chose, they will lose their shit and scream at you that that’s not what DST is, but it’s exactly what it is, plus forcing the rest of the people living in a DST zone to also do the same thing to comply with their delusional whims.

Gee… where does that sound familiar from in the last two years?

And the tyrants up top love it for the same reason Caligula is said to have enjoyed forcing his soldiers to stab the shore when he declared war on Neptune and the sea that one time. Y’know, the pretence of control over the powers of nature… which was actually just exercising their control over their underlings in a pointless dick-waving move.

Caligula wasn’t actually trying to wage war on Neptune and the sea. He was making a point to his troops who were getting pissy and insubordinate (the battle against the sea concluded with him ordering his men to collect seashells to bring back to Rome as the supposed spoils of war, which was all about humiliating them.).

He knew damn well there’s now winning against nature and he didn’t actually try.

Which makes Caligula a better ruler than the majority of the swine we have in power now, and definitely a more capable ruler than anyone who’s been in charge in Canada in years, maybe even decades.

BTW, the reason for DST:

They don’t say so in the video above, but much like income tax, it was a measure to support the war machine that wasn’t supposed to be permanent.

And Neil deGrasse Tyson agrees with me that it’s stupid, but of course in nicer language: