Blog adjustments, pen names, etc.

Well, what a week… lol…

You may notice I don’t have posts for a couple of my podcasts anymore.

The one I was doing with my friend? We decided to axe it. It was fun for us, but not really aligned to our respective career goals, so it’s been memory holed.

As for Under My Skin… jeez… this was already version 4.0, but I think it’s time to move on to version 5.0… and I will apply some lessons I learned from doing the show with my pal. Make UMS shorter and snappier. Avoid the long tangent rants (for the last month I’ve consistently chopped 20 minutes or more out of each episode and last week’s was actually sheared by half, so… 45 minutes cut).

And I think I’ll keep some of the segments, but try to have more comedy in it. So, a top 10 list and a quiz each week, etc. And stick to my notes and make the notes more like a late night monologue and desk bits. Keep the rant of the week to 5 minutes and try to be funnier with it.

I aim to start this change for next week’s show and I think I’ll number that as episode 1 and just hide/delete all the old ones.

I briefly hid every single post here on Thursday and then selectively republished most of them.

I’m more seriously debating writing under a pen name, not sure if I will or not but the fact is I have some baggage associated with “Pyra Draculea” and I need to think about how to proceed.

At the very least, I won’t be talking about projects I’m working on until they are released, and then only if they go out under this name.

So… expect a lot of Zamo. And probably some slowing down of posts here.

Naturally if I start ramping up posts elsewhere I won’t be mentioning that here.

Just the way things are in the Current Year.

On the other hand, PT Barnum did just fine with a nasty reputation… and there’s these words of wisdom from Joan Jett:

Really, at this point, my problem is not enough traction/reputation, for good or ill.

Or it might just be that it’s almost Walpurgisnacht and every year the couple weeks leading up to that always suck shit and make me feel crazy.