Chugging along on that “comic”

Not much to report, at least not that’s all that visually interesting at the moment.

For the “comic” I’m working on (about the wassailing traditions in England), as I said in my last post, I realized that until I finish the text I can’t be 100% sure of the final size, which means I couldn’t start drawing like I planned and just squish the text in without risking some pages having tiny print in case there was a lot of info that needed to be on them.

Kinda glad I did since not only will there be several such pages, but I realized I had to add in some spreads for extra related info that help give a better understanding of wassailing and how it relates to modern (yet still old-timey) Christmas traditions like carolling.

Also, I’m having to retype the notes I wrote in my sketchbook and do additional research because the notes were too vague, all of which might have been avoided had I just typed along as I did my original research weeks ago.

Oh well, lesson learned for the next “comic”. (I put that in quotes because it’s not really a comic or graphic novel, it’s a short fully illustrated book.) From now on I type as I research, at least in point form, and figure out text order and layout later since that part is easier.

In other news, I finished working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Highly recommended: when I started it I knew I wanted to get back into art but had no idea what it was I wanted to make, but now I’m back to doing The Zamo the Destroyer Show every couple weeks, I have a ton of “comic” projects in the pipeline, a painting series, some video plans, other book ideas (including a series of Zamo anthologies), and I’ve even started writing some poems again that may or may not ever see the light of day.