Celebrity Diets That Never Took Off

10. The Rosie O’Donnell Stick a Hot Dog in Your Vag, Not Your Mouth Diet

9. Listen To One Direction Til You Puke Yourself Thin

8. The Morrissey Mope And Munch Vegetarian Diet

7. Janeane Garafalo’s Seething Off the Pounds Diet

6. Clint Eastwood’s Empty Plate Diet

5. Ted Nugent’s Only Grill It If You Kill It Diet

4. Feast Your Way Thin on Lady Gaga’s Moldy Meat Dress

3. The Sally Struthers Look At Starving African Orphans While Eating Guilt Your Way Thin Diet

2. Kate Moss’s “Food? What’s That?” All You Can Smoke Cigarette Extravaganza Diet

1. The Official Keith Richards Jack Daniels and ’70s Smack Diet