Shopping and loading up the china cabinet

It’s that time of the week…

Well, I heard back from the local university, weeks after I decided I didn’t want to waste money going, lol… accepted, of course, with a shitload of transfer credits (as far as the university is concerned, I’m straight into third year, though the department only lets you bump into second year).

Oh well. Money pissed away on tuition is money I can’t piss away on that bass clarinet I have my eye on.

Or, more practically, new siding on the house.

Other news: I started loading stuff into the china cabinet my dad made for the back foyer:

I still have to fetch a bunch of retro china, crystal, and carnival glass that was my mom’s from my dad’s place to fill the rest of it.

I also took a day to go fetch some comics for my brother that have been building up in his subscription box in his favorite comic shop about an hour away.

While there, I couldn’t resist a trio of Funko Pops:

Ah, childish stuff… I loved She-Ra as a kid. Ditto McDonald’s and back then in the 80s they had statues of the characters around in the playground.

The shop had a bunch of other McDonald’s Funko Pops, but these were the ones that made me giggle, so they’re the ones I got.

While in the neighborhood, I popped into one of the best vintage clothing shops in the area, which was having a BOGO sale, so I got a black and turquoise sequinned silk dress, a black and white sequinned top, a red leather skirt, a pink silk blouse, a neon yellow blouse, and a black and white polka dot silk faux-wrap dress.

‘Twas nice to act semi-normal… of course, fun is illegal up here in Karen-zuela, so…

Lastly, the tulips have begun: