How Canadian are you?

1. The national slogan of Canada is
a. From Sea to Sea
b. The Truth North Strong and Free
c. Bring a two-four, eh?

2. Canada’s national pastime is
a. hockey
b. ice fishing
c. bitching about taxes

3. Stephen Harper is
a. The Prime Minister of Canada
b. a former economist
c. that guy with the plastic hair who makes lefties pop an aneurysm in rage just for his mere existence

4. Now that Hockey Night in Canada has moved to a different channel, the best things on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s airwaves are
a. news programs
b. comedy specials such as the Just For Laughs highlights
c. ads for shows on other, better networks

5. Canada’s biggest exports are
a. oil
b. cars
c. annoying people who think they’re destined for Hollywood or rock n roll stardom