How much do you know about technology?

1. The purpose of your browser’s cache is to
a. help photos and other media load quickly
b. store cookies and other data
c. collect blackmail material based on your porn preferences

2. The speed of your computer is related to
a. your CPU’s performance specs
b. available RAM
c. your level of impatience

3. The webcam on your laptop is for
a. video chat
b. taking selfies
c. sending cute girls on Facebook drunken dick pics

4. Agile refers to
a. software development methodology
b. a buzzword IT managers throw around a lot
c. being able to duck when your secretary throws a laptop at your head after you ask for a date

5. Wikileaks is important for
a. exposing shady actions from governments and corporations
b. protecting journalistic freedom
c. finding out just how retarded the rape laws have gotten in Sweden