Plastic props, I hate SnapChat, and some snowdrops

Bit of a slow week, especially since an old shoulder injury (right shoulder, rotator cuff) flared up and I was taking things easy waiting for the misery to subside.

It does make me think that I’ll set aside the fiddle for a little while, at least a couple months, so I can do some strengthening of the shoulder before messing around with anything that will tend to irritate it.

I did swing down to Victoria to run some errands on Tuesday and try to get some supplies for the opening credits. Kinda annoyed that I couldn’t get all the letters in the same font, but I’ll just have to figure something out.

I did find some other stuff, for example this “human organs” miniatures set… not consistent in internal scale, but whatever:

Hadn’t seen these before, but I had to grab them… y’know, so Nick’s brain and his liver can argue in cutaway gags.

Oh, who are we kidding? Nick doesn’t think with his brain. And he pays no attention to what his liver wants.

Can I get away with making a dick out of polymer clay and showing it on YouTube, since that’s what Nick thinks with?

I guess I could always make it and then put a black CENSORED bar over the head.

And it won’t be to scale, I mean… say Nick’s average and has a 6″ dick. Barbies are a 1:6 scale… except not really because their heads are bigger and their bodies are smaller proportionally.

A 1″ dick would come up almost to Nick’s sternum, which would be more like a 12″ dick on an actual human.

(Cue Nick insisting that’s the exact right size, perhaps even a little too small, lol…)

But then there’s the issue with having to film it and over-zooming in and how that can cause distortion… so in theory I should make a bigger one for filming… but then if I needed to show it in context with Nick, it should be smaller to be in proportion…

I think that means if I write any scenes with this sort of gag, I’ll have to make multiple sizes depending on the shot.

Anyway… what else…

At my brother’s urging, I spent a chunk of the afternoon installing and trying to figure out SnapChat.

I hate it.

But at least I figured out a workaround for the stupid Bitmoji thing they use for profile pics.

I didn’t want to give the Borg another pic of my face, plus I’d just rolled out of bed, had bags under my eyes, my hair in a messy bun, etc. but it occurred to me that I could just try taking a photo of one of the Barbies (I chose Ginger Babczuk as she sorta looks like me, at least me at my fitness goals and on a good hair day).

It worked. And then I mucked around with it to get this:

So that works.

I must say I was disgusted to see how many face rag options they had on the “choose your selfie” option:

What kind of a pathetic virtue-signalling delusional Karen do you have to be to make sure even your cartoon avatar has a stupid cartoon rag on its stupid cartoon face? And these lunatics vote. Vile.

I could say much more, but let’s move on and forget these idiot cultists exist… just as I hope evolution does.

I’ve acquired a couple more plants, this cordyline being the biggest (and it was actually cheaper than the smaller hanging baskets I got!):

And so far the ones I got last month are all still alive and mostly thriving.

Well, except the zebra plant, which is hanging on but it seems I water it every damn day and it’s still always bone dry. Dunno if that one will make it or if my house is just too dry.

And let’s close out with a couple garden pics. On this day last year I had mini irises blooming, but no such luck this time. I do have hellebores, of course, and snowdrops:

First sign of crocuses, hopefully next week they’ll be open: