Friday Arts & Crafts Day Update: February 25, 2022

More stuff for The Nick White Show:

Grammy Awards, made from polymer clay and painted with acrylics.
A fat or roided-out Oscar statuette, polymer clay and acrylic paint.
Frying pan, polymer clay and acrylic paint.
Toothpaste and antibiotic ointment, polymer clay and acrylic paint.
Polymer clay and acrylic paint.
The Golden Barnacle, which Nick insists is a very prestigious award given to him by the yacht club, while everyone else calls it the Golden Asshole Award.

It should be noted for the record that those Grammys are not Nick’s. Instead, they were awarded to his rival who already has a couple dozen of them kicking around in his garage:

Quoth Fictional Bono: “Great, I could use a few more door-stoppers for the vacation house in the south of France.”

In other prop-building for the show, I’ve painted a stripper pole (a 3/8″ dowel painted brass-y):

And I made Nick some multiplatinum record plaques, because Nick might not have any #1 hits or Grammys, but he is a big rock star even without those and sells a ton of records even if, much like Nickelback, no one will admit to liking his songs or attending his shows:

The next batch of props will be made over the weekend and is mostly all paper stuff. Hopefully I will be shooting a trailer next week.

In other crafting news that has nothing to do with Nick, I got a bit of stitching done while watching sculpting videos on YouTube and procrastinating.

I made some headway on “More Than Luck” by Carriage House Samplings:

I also did a little bit on Tiny Modernist‘s “Land of the Free” (including ripping out some stitching that had the lightest blue and swapping to a more visible color up at the top):

And a bit on Satsuma Street‘s “Pretty Little Los Angeles“, wherein I discovered I miscounted somewhere in the hills, but I can’t figure out where and I decided to just ignore it rather than ripping things out and redoing them, will just count down from the bottom of the cloud for the next section to know it all lines up:

I also did a little bit on Blackbird Designs“It’s Spring Fever”:

And I even picked up By The Bay Needleart‘s “Blue Hawaiian Garden“:

This one’s getting close to being done, but then at the pace I’m going it might still be a while.

Lastly, I dyed a couple more pieces of 18-count aida. Still have 6 bottles of dye left of the Rit stash, lol…

Next up: the paper props for the trailer of The Nick White Show, plus I have to find a fairly straight stick that I can make a telephone pole out of, and I have to figure out how to make a realistic looking pee puddle. LOL.

More on that next week, I guess.