Monday Memorabilia/Collections: North Pole Skating Rink

This week’s bit of Lemax for the Monday memorabilia and collections post is my first ever Lemax skating rink piece, “North Pole Skating Rink”:

Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a bigger and more elaborate skating rink piece, but hey… this year is the Year From Supply Chain Hell for all things Lemax, and I also kinda dropped the ball on checking the Michael’s app daily in October for when the Christmas Lemax stuff might show up in store, so when I arrived at a Michael’s a few days after Samhain to fetch yet more aida to dye and use up all my giant stash of Rit for future cross-stitching backgrounds and I saw they had any skating rink, well… beggars can’t be choosers. This was what they had, and it was $50 minus 40% off so $30.


And it’s cute and charming… it just won’t be the only skating rink my Christmas village will have… eventually… after I move and get set up and can start buying stuff from the US retailers.

But I do have a big swath of my Christmas village which is a mountain theme and another swath which is more whimsical with elves and Santa and toys etc., and this skating rink will fit nicely with either one.