Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Lemax Web of Terror

I swore I was done with getting more Lemax this year, really I did.

Then I thought maybe I’d go pick up The Witching Hour, since it was on for 30% off and I do have a bit of a witch theme going with my acquisitions and current holdings.

But then when I got to the Millstream Michael’s in Victoria, they had 4 of the Witching Hour, but one lonely Web of Terror left. And I thought of everyone in the Lemax fan groups on Facebook who had the Web of Terror and loved it. And I thought of friends and family members who get all excited over my Spooky Town display, especially the moving pieces.

Also I thought of how the previous Spooky Town ferris wheel piece from 10 years ago sells for a lot of money now… and so I bought the Web of Terror. And I’m glad I did, because it looks so much cooler in person than in photos or even in videos I’d seen.

As always, or almost always, here’s Doug from Spooky Village’s review, complete with video of the piece running: