Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Lemax Eerie-Go-Round

One of my favorite Lemax pieces, and not just because I got it for a steal.

Originally priced at $130 CDN as a 2018 Michael’s exclusive piece, I was in the checkout line at the Uptown Michael’s in Victoria a couple days after Halloween in 2018 with a bunch of clearance Halloween stuff (marked down to 80% off) and I noticed the woman ahead of me in line returning the Eerie-Go-Round and the Witches Tower (which I’ll write up next month). Nothing was wrong, she said, she’d just changed her mind.

As soon as she left, I asked the cashier if I could have a look at the two pieces, which were long-since sold out. She said sure, and I immediately decided to buy them. Lemax was also 80% off at this point, so I got them for $26 each.

Probably won’t ever get a deal like that again.

2018 was the year I decided to start collecting Lemax, after having sort of admired the pieces in previous years but since I had just bought my own house and would have room to display a Halloween village (and a Christmas one too), the time was right and those two pieces were the core of my initial Spooky Town, since the only other pieces I had were Monster Hunting Supplies (a small lit building) and Full Moon Moonshine, a lit table piece. Those were both bought on discount around the same time, but I think probably the week or two beforehand.

Anyway, some pics of the Eerie-Go-Round in my current display:

And to get a sense of the motion and soundtrack, here’s Doug @ Spooky Villages’ review: