Under My Skin podcast now on hiatus… again…

Hey all… so, I skipped doing Under My Skin the last couple weeks and I’m skipping it again this week and honestly, I’ve rewritten the damn thing 4 or 5 times, but it just seems pointless at this time.

Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote in the most recent revision:

In some ways, I wonder why I bother… I’ve said before that when I was doing this show initially, I was doing regular stand-up open mics, going to see friends’ shows, musical and otherwise, taking dance classes, etc.

I’m writing comedy again, but currently aiming more at screenplays and the like since there’s nowhere to perform at and I dunno if I even want to do stand-up again. Like what is the point of this show other than giving me something to do on a Monday or Tuesday night?

Unless I want to just bitch and complain all the time, but honestly, I don’t. I’d like to keep things fun and light, even though it seems there’s less and less reason to, at least in the shithole country where I currently live (People’s Republic of Canuckistan, aka Karen Central).

I’m not the only one to have this problem – my friends over at the Dry Shave Show have been struggling for months as well, not just with viewership for the livestream since DLive got throttled but also just in terms of finding shit to be funny about.

Will I do Under My Skin again? Oh, probably. But not under my current conditions.

Will I do some other comedy show or podcast instead? Well, yeah, I have a web series I’m working on, and I think I promised a friend of mine I’d write some sort of radio sitcom podcast over the summer to get friends of mine to act in, voice-over-wise, so there’s a couple. Plus Zamo.

But right now, I’m just not feeling the solo podcast. When I have a rant, I can always post it on the blog… which I usually do in the Saturday life update posts, and then I end up just rehashing that on the podcast anyway (or vice versa).