First new (finished) work of 2020

Well, in terms of the mixed media stuff – my desk is littered with various components for the mixed media series I’m working on, and I finally got one little piece fully assembled as of this afternoon.

It’s the original for one of the postcard designs I’ll be getting printed up later in the summer in order to stock an online shop (which will also have some greeting cards, a couple different sizes of art prints, and of course original work).

This is done on 7×10″ watercolor paper, with a watercolor background along with marker and acrylic paint marker with wired ribbon stitched down with embroidery floss for the background and a shoe overlay also done on watercolor paper, drawn with acrylic ink, marker, and embroidered with cotton floss then stitched down with cotton floss.

I scanned it at a huge resolution (600dpi) but will shrink it by 50% to print on 4×6″ cards.

I’ll have more to say about the series as I get more of them finished and ready for sale, but it’s been fun messing about with this way of working.