Forced fresh start

So, after a couple months of not updating the site because I was busy with other shit and hadn’t even added links to the last couple Zamo podcasts, I decided to get all caught up today, only to find the site had been hacked in my negligent absence and while everything looked normal, clicking any link would redirect to some scumbag site demanding “human verification” whose owners I trust will burn in Hell with Hitler, Mao, and whoever wrote that stupid “do the locomotion” song.

And it’s wordpress which is a nightmare to debug.

So, I exported what I thought was a good copy of the content as an XML and proceeded to delete everything, uninstall wordpress, change all passwords etc., and reinstall a clean wordpress and then import the content… which seemed to go OK except I was missing the last 4 years of entries.

Screw it. I made all the old posts I did have (from 2015 backwards) as drafts and I guess we start again, to the extent I’ll even post at all since I’m coming to the conclusion that life is best lived offline.

Anyway, links to what I’m actually up to in the sidebar or nav bar or wherever it ends up being when I’m done tweaking the theme. Maybe I’ll post here sometimes, dunno.