10 Surprising Facts About Nickelback

10. Their first big hit “How You Remind Me” was originally meant to be a fundraiser song for Alzheimer’s
9. They were originally called Quarterback, except too many people bugged Chad for fantasy football tips, so he changed it.
8. Frontman Chad Kroeger was briefly married to pop singer Avril Lavigne until he regained his sanity and realize he was married to Avril Lavigne.
7. When not making music, Chad moonlights as a driving instructor, in fact, he taught Justin Bieber everything the Biebs knows about driving drunk.
6. When writing the power ballads the band is best known for, Chad considers melody, lyrical imagery, and his next vacation property.
5. Chad is a partner in 604 Records, home of pop artists like Carly Rae Jepsen. So, if you get that “Call Me Maybe” song stuck in your head, it’s Chad’s fault.
4. Petitions to boycott Nickelback have been circulated by internet hipsters who apparently don’t understand that boycotting only works when you’re already a paying fan/customer.
3. Nickelback raked in over $11 million in concert sales in 2012, which is a lot for a band that supposedly no one listens to.
2. Nickelback’s music is the single most effective cure for an infestation of hipsters.
1. Chad’s hobbies include collecting guitars, riding horses, and bathing in the tears of music critics.