So, this burlesque thing is really popular, right?

OK, so podcast listeners will know my rant on burlesque dancers at rock shows (namely, they suck and so does the whole idea).


At a show right now. First 3 bands done. The MC comes out and tries to hype it up for the burlesque bimbo about to show us her A cups.

“Alright, folks, any Name Redacted fans here tonight?”

Three drunk chicks at the front clap and go “yay!” The other 300 people continue chatting with their fans and pay no attention.


After a pause, the flabbergasted MC tries again. “C’mon, folks! I said: are there any Name Redacted fans here tonight?”

Now a couple more drunk chicks chime in, plus a smattering of polite applause.

Still, about 275 people continue talking to their friends and ignoring them.

The MC gives up and walks off.

Another long awkward pause til the bimbo begins her thing.

At the end there’s slightly more polite applause and a few drunk dudes wolf whistling, but still.

The opening acts got more enthusiasm.

And no one seems to mind when she grabs her discarded costume and scurries off stage.