Some recent rats and mice

Long time no post, sorry, blah blah blah…

I’ll be doing some sprucing up of this joint in a month or two, but in the meantime let it be known my life is still infested with cartoon rats and mice as I work on the first of the Ricky B. comic books (with 5 more written and waiting to be worked on).

In the meantime, let’s see a few of the Rickys I’ve been making in various mediums, along with a few depictions of Myles, who is Ricky’s girlfriend’s half-mouse cousin:

A pinch-pot Ricky bell… with his undersized brain rattling around inside as the dongle.
A page-in-progress from the first Ricky comic book, currently being inked.
Ricky as his mama sees him… Akua ink monotype print.
Myles… oh yeah, Myles is new since I last updated. Anyway, lil’ dude’s usually up to no good, but here we have him distracted by a chunk of cheese. Akua ink on acrylic monotype plate, right before going through the press.
And here’s Myles again, distracted by… um… “cheese”… Akua ink on acrylic monotype plate right before going through the press.
…and a couple of the resulting prints in this varied edition monotype run, along with the original sketch.
Wait, if I haven’t updated the blog since June that means I haven’t posted anything from MISSA last July… here’s a lino cut print of Ricky from the first MISSA course…
…and a small clay sculpture of Ricky daydrinking from the second MISSA class…

Oh, and a Noah, so as to keep him from getting all jealous:

Noah on 4 hours of sleep. Underglaze on B-Mix clay.

In the meantime, I do post more regularly over on Instagram (almost wrote “Instarat” as it’s called in Ricky’s world…).