Noah’s Archipelago: Favorite of the week ending April 23, 2023

I’m posting my favorite of the previous week’s Noah’s Archipelago comics each Saturday.

This week we had a bit of a game of telephone, wherein Ursula told her class a slightly exaggerated version of the postering events of last week and her teacher told Ruth and Ruth and Noah started arguing about celebrity impersonation… well, you had to see. But anyway, it resulted in Ruth having a vision of if Noah updated his Bono cosplay look from the 2000s to the 2020s (and pretending like she didn’t tell Noah to dress like Bono in the first place), so naturally I had to pick that as my favorite of the week here:

(It feels so weird to draw Bono without mouse ears and cheese now, lol… well, technically it’s not Bono, it’s Noah as current year Bono…)