Plastic, plastic, everywhere…

Seems like every so often over the last year I’ve popped in here to say I will write more often.


Well, I probably should, if only so I can reread it in 6 months and laugh at the plans I changed my mind about yet again.

So… I guess I have a month to cover in this instalment… let’s see here…

I’m debating starting up with stand-up again and actually signed up for a beginner class. Not that I really need it for the technique beyond a refresher, but more that I don’t know anyone on the Island who does stand-up or anything about the local-ish open mics.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough of us signed up so that got cancelled. Better luck in the spring. Which is probably just as well as driving the Malahat can suck in January/February, especially at night.

I need to have a look at my old material and see what I’d keep from it and write some new shit. I did write one new bit, about the neighborhood cat who thinks he owns my yard coming to check on me since he heard I was still a spinster. It was alright for having not written actual stand-up in years, though of course I write comedy almost every day for Noah in comic form and fairly regularly for Nick.

Speaking of which, I got a new episode done and posted the other day, and I will be aiming to get at least one episode a month posted this year and bonus if I can manage one every two weeks. Hopefully I don’t end up with any nasty flus screwing up my voice for months like I did last summer. Next up is the third in the “Meet…” series of interviews of cast members, this time it’ll be Jason the studio assistant. I hope to have it out before Valentine’s Day and then I guess I’ll have to do a belated Valentine’s episode.

Noah is now up to almost 550 followers and some of the posts are now getting 30 or 40 likes organically, which ain’t half bad. (I do run ads for Noah and usually boost one post a week for more engagement, because FB sucks for algorithms, but still: I’ve started amassing a tribe of folks who love Noah.)

I finally got my Halloween decorations put away or at least stacked in the spare room clutter pile. Christmas was skipped other than outside lights which I’m leaving on through Imbolc next week and I did turn my palm tree bulletin board into a lazy Christmas tree by tacking up some Duran Duran, INXS, and U2 ornaments by Matthew Lineham that I got this year:

And I only got around to taking them down today, lol!

Speaking of decorations, while I don’t normally collect KISS, I got sucked in by the Paul Stanley figure at Toys R Us a few weeks back in Vancouver (because the hairy chest reminded me of Noah… awww….) and also grabbed Peter Criss and Gene Simmons. For some reason, Ace Frehley was nowhere to be found and I had to order him on eBay. Anyway, I now have those guys up on the walls around my desk.

(Plus the other 3 which I apparently didn’t take pics of.)

Also on the walls around my desk, the corner is taken on a certain theme, anchored by a new poster acquisition I like to refer to as “Slutty Bono,” lol:

Since I was talking about fun bits of plastic like the KISS figures and we just saw some of my U2 Funko Pops on display, I should mention a few other such acquisitions this month.

Rolling Stones collector “Little People”… why oh why…

Of course, I bought it because I love the Stones, but also you know Grandma’s out of touch when she’s getting your infant or toddler Rolling Stones dolls because of course that’s what all the young folks listen to nowadays.

Speaking of the Stones…

The Rolling Stones logo Lego set

And underneath the red tongue is a supporting layer showing 60 for their 60 year anniversary:

A fun little easter egg for when you’re building.

I still have to get that piece hung up, though I do know where it’s going.

So that got me interested in Lego again, though of course I don’t care much about most of the sets they put out… and the ones I like tend to be discontinued ones that are now expensive like the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine set or the Flintstones set.

I did, however, get and assemble the Lego tiger… complete with pink butthole because I guess Bricksie wasn’t kidding when he said it had one on one of his videos that I watched where he mentioned it in passing.

I would like to make some MOC custom Lego pieces, but it’s not a huge priority at the moment. I might join one of the local-ish clubs, too.

Lastly on the plastic front, I managed to find this I Love Lucy ornament at a thrift store a couple weeks ago, and now she has a prominent place right next to one of the Bono Funkos on my desk:

So that’s that end of things. I’ve also been mucking about with gallery walls of small mirrors to try to bounce more light around in the core of the house which can get very dreary in the winter even though there are some big windows along the sides of the house. (It’s a work in progress, though, so no pics yet.)

What else… the days are noticeably longer and brighter now and I found the first of the spring flowers in bloom today, a tiny cluster of snowdrops:

But I know better than to be conned into thinking we’re getting an early spring. There’s always a mid-February dump of snow here, at least there has been every year that I’ve lived here (since 2017) and local friends tell me this is a long-standing occurrence. So I’m not wasting any money on buying primulas that will killed by the snow until at least February 21, no matter how tempting they are outside of the local grocery stores.