Spring cleaning, spring flowers… kinda a slow week

Well, the squirrel didn’t manage to come back inside, though she’s tried a few times this week. So we seem to be good on that front.

In other news, spring has sprung, or at least begun to do so. Garden pics at the end, but also spring cleaning has begun. Sorta.

At least in my office/audio workspace:

What else… well, yesterday I wrote a long blog about starting to build props for The Nick White Show, so I won’t repeat myself.

Suffice to say that in looking for tutorials on making props from polymer clay (something I’ve never worked with before as I’ve always been more of a 2D art person), I found myself in a YouTube rabbit hole related to polymer clay sculpting.


So now I wanna try my hand at this sorta thing. I remember back in high school we all (me and my artsy friends) did a ton of fan art, drawing rock stars and movie stars from photos in magazines, and that was the first notion I came up with.

After all, I have my memorabilia collections, and I’m into dolls, Funko Pops, etc.

And I could use that as a solution for when I need a character for the show that I can’t find a close enough doll for… or at least I can make heads and pop them onto Barbie or Ken bodies.

It’ll take some practise, first, of course.

But then I had an idea of making some weird pop culture and mythology mash-ups… well, OK, for some reason, my first idea in this vein was “Zombie Princess Di!”

(I dunno why, either, but I’ve been watching a bunch of documentaries on royal palaces and crown jewels, mixed with sculpture tutorials involving zombies and aliens etc.)

I’ve since had more clever mash-up ideas but I think I’ll wait til I make some so mention anything further… other than seeing so many Facebook posts about that Pam and Tommy series (no I didn’t watch it) and friends posting about Star Wars classics did kinda make me think of doing some sorta Tommy Lee/Jabba the Hut mashup, only instead of being a giant slug, it’s Tommy’s giant horse cock, lol. Probably wouldn’t be the first one I’d try in any case.

So… we’ll see. I gotta build a lot more props and get actual filming etc. done on the series first.

My dad is excited about my prop building projects for the series (I imagine he wouldn’t be so impressed with the Tommy the Hut idea, lol…) and determined that I need a workshop or at least a workbench in the shed. Which was completed today:

Loads of room to store things underneath in bins (or we might add shelves), just need to add a lamp or a hanging fluorescent light over the bench.

I gotta get a lot of organizing done, too.

Anyway, not much else to report. At least my back is fine now, so I should get the Vampire’s Ball done this evening. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll do it… it’s kinda fun and it forces me to pay attention to new(er) music, which is great, but it does take a lot of time and doesn’t accumulate too many listens (mind you, I’ve been lazy about promotion, so that’s at least mostly my fault). And the last couple weeks, I’ve just not been feeling it.

For now, though, it stays.

Zamo will probably go on hiatus. I still love the characters, but I feel like the podcast has run aground. Maybe it needs to return to a visual format like the original web comic version, dunno. I just know that I’m repeating my ideas for the podcast at this point.

But anyway… let’s wrap up with a few spring flowers, namely: winter jasmine, crocuses, iris reticulata, and hellebores