Flowers, finally! Also more plants, more light, etc.

Another week gone by. At least it’s now light just past 5pm again, and it’s been sunny the last few days.

I sound like Zamo giving an iguana’s opinion on what’s important.

Well, let’s talk about Zamo: I haven’t done one in a couple weeks because I realized I was just rewriting old episodes with minor tweaks and calling them new. Time for a hiatus and I guess a reboot eventually… but for now I gotta focus on other projects.

Which kinda sucks, but it is what it is.

Moving on, we have some flowers at long last in the garden, but I’ll leave those pics for the very end.

I did get a few more houseplants to tide me over and fill up some more areas that now (finally!) are devoid of Lemax and other Christmas deco that’s been stashed away for another year:

(There were than that, of course.)

I also realized a couple plants I’d gotten last year and thought were DOA, but then saw some growth holding on and even some new growth. We’ll see if these two make it:

The yucca I had thought was dead a month or two back, so I just ignored it and planned to toss it into the compost pile once all the snow was gone. Then I saw the little baby side shoot at the bottom and one of the top shoots still has a little bit of life in it.

I therefore soaked the soil to rehydrate it and have moved it down to a table close to my desk so I can monitor its progress.

The little rubber plant seemed to be doing better a few weeks ago but dropped almost all its leave the other week. It’s also been rehydrated and moved from the corner it was in to where I can monitor it better. A couple of the now-leafless stems were still green when I cut them back, so hopefully there will be some recovery.

What else… well, I got a new mouthpiece for my clarinet, and it does feel a bit more free-blowing than before:

I also ordered a new barrel for the clarinet, a wooden Backun barrel which should dramatically improve the sound of my plastic beginner’s clarinet.

In other instrument news, I ordered a new chinrest for my fiddle, one that will be a side-mounted one without the damn hump that always is uncomfortable under my jaw.

We’ll see if that improves my playing any. Or at least my practising.

Well, let’s wrap this up with the aforementioned flowers:

And it looks like the snowdrops will be along shortly.