Good morning.

Busy day today. Set my alarm for 9:15 (which is early for my biorhythms), had to be at work for 10:00, out of work at 2:00 then zip over to the West End for a comedy-related business meeting (ie, real work; important work), zip over to Langara after that for a bookkeeper program class, then spend a few hours working on podcast stuff and rehearsing for the next stand up set (again, real work; important work).

Get to the day job, say hi to one of my coworkers in the break room, collect my radio etc. 10:00 hits, I try to punch in.

ERROR! Shift starts at 17:00

Uh, no. I don’t work Friday nights.

Was my shift cut? No one called me.

I check the paper schedule. I’m not on it for today.

I check the online schedule. Ditto.

So… I wrote down last week’s Friday schedule into this week’s daytimer.

Oops. Chatted and joked with a couple coworkers on my way out, picked up a couple small items I was going to purchase after my shift on Monday (that I actually am scheduled for).

Well, I’m up already, guess I’ll pop into the jam space and maybe record another Zamo the Destroyer podcast episode for next month…