A few Gelli plate monotypes of Ricky B. Rat

I got around to playing with my gelli plate to try to make some monotypes at home similar to what I can do in the studio with a press.

I still have a fair amount of experimenting to do to get the Goldilocks linework – just the right thinness, just the right splotchiness because I like that look within reason, just the right thickness to be bold and read cleanly.

Which is extra difficult as I was working at 5×7″ instead of a larger size.

But nonetheless, it was fun and I got some interesting results:

Ricky is one with the cheese, baby.
Whistle while you shirk, baby…
Ricky singing… probably his version of Sid Vicious’ version of “My Way”

There were others, too, but there ya go. All done with Akua inks.

Oh, and I did make one of Noah but he doesn’t quite look right here…