Friday Arts & Crafts Day Update: March 18, 2022

No stitching or knitting this week, but I did get my grubby paws on some 22 count aida, which has been nowhere to be found in the 3 local-ish Michael’s for a couple months, and thus I dyed those and FINALLY used up the last of the stash of Rit Dye bottles:

And now onto this week’s prop and set work for The Nick White Show

The big builds are all using foamcore for structure.

First up, I built a 1:6 scale of a 56 scale G-series SSL mixing desk:

And with Richard the mix engineer to give a sense of the size in comparison:

Props to Recycled Audio for having detailed dimensions, which was critical for me getting it accurate.

Next step: dig through my 10 year old hard drives because I know I have detailed recall photos of the channel strips of the SSL at Vogville Recording that I can stitch together in Photoshop, scale down as needed, and then print onto label or sticker paper to finish the SSL off.

That might be a while, though, as I don’t need the SSL for a while in terms of the production schedule.

For next week’s video, I need to build set pieces for the strip club next to the studio, namely a stage and a DJ booth (at least to start – I’ll need to build a bar, too, but not yet).

Foamcore to the rescue again!

The stage, upside down:

The candle is weighing down some layers to build up support for where the stripper pole dowel will go through:

And I also made a DJ booth for Pádraig:

And then I painted them black:

Once the glue fully cures tomorrow (I used Tacky Glue), I will probably go over the inside corners with hot glue (ditto the underside of the SSL) to reinforce them and fill the gaps.

Speaking of backgrounds, I painted two more canvases as backgrounds for inside the recording studio:

(Nick, of course, is stuck in the 80s in many ways, including color schemes.)

Lastly, I need some gold coins for Pádraig for an upcoming video or two, so I got out the ol’ 3-hole punch and took to some gold foil cardstock (after painting the back side with gold paint):