Production planning, shipping delays, and some more spring flowers

This week’s been all about The Nick White Show for the most part.

The start-up of any new project is always the most time-consuming.

Anyway, I’m planning to have a video chunk per week, so I figured it was time to come up with a daily task to keep on track (and in a given week where not much is required for that week’s clip, I’ll need to work ahead for future videos).

When I’m through with the prequels (the character interviews listed in green on Mondays, which will run through May), then it’s time for the actual proper episodes, and I think I will break those into parts to post weekly rather than post a full episode every 4-6 weeks.

Consistency is king when it comes to the algos.

I also set up a Twitter account @platinumbrowne for one of the characters, Richard Browne, and like the main account for the show @NickWhiteShow, I’ve started posting daily on those. And start making them argue back and forth:

It’ll take a while to build an audience but still.

Also got a Facebook page set up for the show.

As for the first video “The Smoke Pit,” it’s still only got a few views amongst my friends but still: I learned a lot from doing it, and the consensus is this is the funniest moment of the skit:

In which Richard gets what’s coming to him at the hands of a groupie who just blew Nick.

Anyway, I’m working on the proper show trailer this week.

One little teaser:

Why does the city keep putting bloody telephone poles in the middle of the road? … shut up, the sidewalk is part of the road!

I got the audio done last night with only one minor hiccup wherein either my tube pre-amp or my MBox decided to crap out and cause me to both panic and then run signal chain checks using an old Behringer mini-mixer I had kicking around:

Whatever it was, within 10 minutes things were fine again after a couple reboots and it was back to tracking the dialogue between Nick and a narrator for the dialog, using the loop record multiple playlists function then picking the best take for each line:

What else… I ordered the next year’s supply of contact lenses a month ago and they haven’t shown up yet (usually it’s a week). However I got an email today from the optical chain I get my stuff at with a customer satisfaction survey about how I supposedly just received my lenses.

I’ll assume that means maybe they arrived into the shop today and they should be calling me to pick them up on Monday. Otherwise, way to shit the bed, dudes.

I mean, I’m not too annoyed with the delay because I know supply chain issues are all over (some might say deliberately so to cause mayhem and panic, some might say as a result of retarded public policy over the last couple years, probably both are right). But don’t send me the customer survey til after I get my shit.

Speaking of delays in shipping, I ordered these two U2 LPs in October and they arrived on Monday. Granted I’ve heard Music Vaultz is always slow, but I did get 4 or 5 emails over the months from them letting me know the release date of the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby had been rescheduled… definitely it was a supply chain issue.

I’ll show the details of what’s in the rereleases on some future Monday memorabilia post, but for now:

Anyway, let’s wrap it up with some garden pics:

Chionodoxa getting ready to bloom
I feel like I have this shot every spring.
Crocuses at the end of their display time
Weeping pussy willow dangling into a dwarf pine
Early lungwort flowers
Heathers in full bloom