Friday Arts & Crafts Day Update: March 11, 2022

Slow week this week in terms of crafting and even in terms of prop-building.

I needed some plain backgrounds for “sets” for The Nick White Show, so I painted a pair of canvases grey and another pair black to make for a couple different room corner options:

The black ones’ first use will be in the trailer I’m shooting this weekend, as the background of a stage scene.

I also need a plain black stage for him, and fortunately the U2 records I ordered in the fall finally arrived this week in a nice sturdy double-walled cardboard box that was close enough to the right size (don’t tell Nick he owes his stage to his nemesis!).

I then taped some black cardstock on the box using masking tape and then painted over the tape with black:

In the shot you probably won’t see the messiness of the paint over the tape… but then if you do, trust me when I say most stages in rock venues have spots that look like that where some drunk musician has spilled beer and it’s been left too long before someone finally did a half-assed job of dragging a dirty mop over it that didn’t really do much to clean it up. (source: used to work in the music biz, and also I once had a bellydance recital at the Rickshaw Theatre in the DTES slummy part of Vancouver… and yeah, we had to dance barefoot on that gross stage… and our teacher and her friends mopped the damn thing properly before dress rehearsal that afternoon but that did little to erase months if not years of rock and roll filth.)

And then when and if they ever repaint the stage with a fresh coat of black, it just goes over the sticky spots and thus looks a lot like those splotches on this prop stage.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL…

What else? I got a 2″ paper punch to make records out of that black cardstock:

Still have to paint the little labels in the centers, but whatever.

Apart from that I had maybe 30 minutes of stitching time while listening to trashy YouTube shows a couple nights back, so I got a few stitches into “More Than Luck” by Carriage House Samplings before bed that night: