Propmaking, rain, and a leaky dishwasher

Once again, the big activity of the week was making props for the trailer I need to shoot ASAP for The Nick White Show, but I covered that in yesterday’s post, so never mind.

I have had a couple people now recommend I switch to Super Sculpey clay, and I most certainly will. The Craft Smart stuff I’ve been using is very tough to work with, but no matter: I intend to start making some bigger sculptures that have nothing to do with the show and I can use the Craft Smart stuff for middle layers over the armatures but below where I would use a layer of the good stuff that works better for fine details and finishes.

So, no waste. And I bought the Craft Smart clay because usually that was all I could find last summer/fall when I was starting to acquire supplies to make props and procrastinating from doing so.

This coming week’s work will be focused on paper props and some wooden ones like making one of those plywood walls they put around construction sites that say POST NO BILLS but inevitably get covered with concert posters. My dad brought over a couple piece of beat up and weathered old plywood that will be perfect, so now I just have to design and print the “poster” stickers.

In trying to explain the show to Dad earlier, I was telling him about the main character Nick being (within the fictional world of the show) the second-biggest rock star of the 1980s and about his rivalry with Bono.

Dad: “I never liked that Bono guy. Cher was the one with all the talent!”

Sigh… so I had to explain that Sonny Bono is a. dead, b. wasn’t really famous anymore in the 80s, and c. not who I was talking about anyway.

He did seem to vaguely remember having heard of a “band named after the plane” when I said I meant Bono from U2, but still required more explanation.

So I mentioned about Fox News having done some dumb “Bono Sucks” thing a few weeks back as I mentioned here (wait… I didn’t mention the Fox News shit related to that in the actual blog, but a pal had sent me a screencap from Fox News about it, which is actually what sparked that whole rambling post but for whatever reason I didn’t mention that in the ramble), since Dad does watch Fox more than CNN and I thought he might have seen that.

Dad: “Does he go on RT?”

Um… well, that would require me to watch RT in order to know, and I only know about the Fox thing because one of my friends trolled me over it.

Fortunately, Google image search was there to dig up a photo of Bono and Dubya as I was explaining about all his UN bullshit and political bellyaching.

Dad (after much squinting at the photo): “Hmm… Yeah, I might have seen that guy with the funny glasses on the news before.”

Then he changed the subject to talking about going to concerts at the PNE to watch “up and coming” artists. Like Gordon Lightfoot.


The really funny bit is that Dad’s been chiding me that I might get sued over this series, even though I’ve said you can’t get sued for parody and satire, even in Canazuela. Well… if he thought I was talking about about my main character hating Sonny Bono, and Sonny Bono’s been dead for damn near 25 years, who the fuck did he think was going to sue me for slander?

But anyway…

I’ve also been adding to the website for the show to flesh it out into an EPK of sorts, including a couple FAQs, one with my own answers and then for fun I did one as Nick. I think my favorite line from that one is when he laments that the woman who does the show, i.e. me, keeps insisting he has to wear pants when the cameras are on.

Silly but amusing.

What else…

It’s been cold and we even had a tiny bit of snow, albeit nothing that required me to get up and shovel. So… we got the best kind of snow. And now we’re back to pissing rain (1″ today, almost that much tomorrow, and another half-inch for good measure on Monday).

Speaking of water, I discovered the ancient dishwasher in my kitchen was leaking yesterday. It’s probably about time I replaced the damn thing, but in the meantime, my dad was able to fix one of the leaks and said he’ll try to figure out the source of the other one later in the week. So, in the meantime, there’s a couple extra plant saucers on duty to catch the drips.

Oh well.

Not much else to report, so let’s move on to the garden pics to wrap it up. It mostly looks the same as last week, but I’ve got a couple different shots:

Tulip shoots in one of the flower beds.
First of the pussy willows.
I forget which hellebore this is, probably either “Reanna’s Ruby” or “Winter Jewels Red Sapphire” based on my spreadsheet.
Some crocuses I planted right by the sidewalk last year. There were others, but someone’s dog squashed them.
Gotta cut back this huge grass, as I do every spring. Last March I cut it back to an inch high.