The Nick White Show, new fiddle and clarinet gear, and early spring flowers

Time to get to work…

I got back to editing audio on the first prequel of the web series I’ve been working on.

About that… so, I’d thought I might call the show “Where The Sun Don’t Shine,” thinking it rather clever for a show set in a rock star’s recording studio and the titty bar next door. Y’know, both the idiomatic meaning of ass, which would be on display at the titty bar, and which that main character is always grabbing, but also both tend to be nocturnal professions. (In fact, in my time in the recording studios, super-pale skin was called a “studio tan” because we worked long into the night and sometimes the next morning.)


But… well, when I grabbed the URLs, and were both taken. I did get and, but wasn’t totally happy with either.

And then this week when I went to grab an Instagram account, all variations of “Where The Sun Don’t Shine” seemed to be taken.

What I could get, however, was the name I thought to use as a back-up or even a bonus content parallel website: @TheNickWhiteShow to match another URL I grabbed:

And on Twitter I was able to grab @NickWhiteShow

Well, I guess that settles it.

I mean, I liked the poetry of “Where The Sun Don’t Shine” but then it probably makes more sense to call it after the main character.

Who wasn’t even supposed to be the main character, lol… you win, Nick. Ya narcissistic prick.

Anyway, so progress is being made.

The first prequel is an interview between Nick and music journalist Ginger Babczuk. I need to start tracking real voiceover takes ASAP so I brought the two of them up to my audio workspace for inspiration:

Quoth Nick: “Music journalists were so much friendlier in the 80s.”

Anyway, I shall start populating the website with character bios, etc.

I think I might well stick with my original idea for that URL and make everything through Nick’s point of view, so the bio for his third wife Joanne will mostly be complaints that she spends too much of his money and doesn’t put out enough. Shit like that.

And with the title now decided on, it’s time to start working on the show’s opening credits and do stuff like tag any blog posts that have mentioned the project, etc.

In other show news, I also made an Instagram for The Vampire’s Ball: @vampiresballradio

And I’m talking with a pal about a weekly arts interview livestream show, but that’s still in its early stages, so never mind for now.

What else… well, in music-related news that doesn’t involve fictional characters, I think I mentioned last week I got a newer, much better-fitting chinrest for my violin. This week I got it installed (all by myself!) and it doesn’t make my jaw hurt due to any stupid hump so many of them have.

You can sorta see the hump on the old one here for comparison:

I also received the new Backun Fatboy cocobola wood barrel I ordered for my clarinet:

It’s hard to exactly describe the difference in sound, but it feels softer and warmer, so less shrill/harsh.

I’ll probably get one of their matching bells, too, just haven’t figured out which model to get for that, and I’ll likely wait a month to order it anyway.

I’m finding a bit of an issue with my right shoulder, which I’ve had some injuries on over the years. Nothing major, but it does add up, so I find I play my violin much more forward that most people would hold it because of my shoulder problems, and I’m having to keep my practises quite short and do shoulder mobility exercises.

I probably need to do more yoga again and also lift weights more to strengthen it, but in the meantime I’m just being cautious.

What else… We’ve got more flowers going, though still mostly hellebores.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see buds on the English daisies which normally don’t bloom til March.

By next week the snowdrops should all be open or almost all. And I even spotted a clump of them under my palm tree where I don’t recall ever seeing them before… maybe one of the squirrels managed to do something useful for a change instead of just ruining everything?

Of course, we usually get a dump of snow around Valentine’s, so I’ll not be fooled into thinking it’s spring for real quite yet.