A very cold beach, rowing machine, and a WTF Facebook ad

Slow week, with no a whole lot to report.

The big event of the week was two days of testing appointments I was supposed to drive my father to in the next town over (Victoria), with a huge snow dump forecast for the occasion.

The first day turned out to not be too bad, though it was cold and icy. We left entirely too early due to concerns about what the mountain highway might bring, so I dropped him off an hour and half early.

Thinking I’d have that hour and a half plus another 4 hours to kill, I first went for a drive around the surrounding farmlands and forests, then settled in at Island View Beach.

I thought I might go for a walk on the trail, and bundled up accordingly, but it was so cold that I basically made it 50 feet past the edge of the parking lot before I retreated to the warmth of the car to read for an hour… well, 45 minutes before the car got too cold and flurries started and I thought I’d best hit the road again.

So I took the scenic route to one of the two Michael’s in town and did a bit of leisurely shopping in the Christmas clearance, expecting to have a few more pit stops before getting called to go get Dad.

Except he called when I was in the checkout line.

Oh well, the other errands could wait.

But I was concerned about the next day’s tests as the snow dump loomed overnight. Especially since the second day’s appointment was first thing in the morning and on my street the snow plow comes around noon.

Dad said he’d drive to my place and get my car, which has the better tires, but he wanted to leave at something like 4 in the morning to get there in time. He called me at 2:45am wanting to know what the highway cams showed.

Which was grainy and dark, but the load of snow was clear enough, as was that no plow had been through yet.

Wisdom prevailed and he called to rebook the appointment.

In the end, there was 9″ of heavy wet snow at my house. Dad’s is 20 minutes away and almost directly on the water and they still got 6″. I wrote a blurb about the snow, so moving on…

Well, we’re a week into January and I still haven’t put away most of the Christmas stuff.

Sigh… I’ll get around to it. Eventually.

I did get the rowing machine assembled, though:

So that’s the home gym pretty much ready to go.

In other news, I’m trying to be more disciplined about writing morning pages a la The Artist’s Way. And I thought perhaps I should also do some sort of sketchbook doodling morning pages.

This was the first one today:

So… we have a cartoon of Bono in the tub (harkens back to a joke with a pal last night after some old pics of him in a tub from the early 2000s got posted by a fan page and crossed my FB feed… leading into smoke that becomes a Celtic knot and the wings on what was supposed to be a dragon but I got lazy and screwed up the head and it looked more like a shark.

A winged shark. Shark-angel? WTF… anyway, so that’s how the morning pages are going.

Oh, and speaking of WTF… this afternoon brought one of those WTF moments courtesy of Facebook ads:

As I joked to a pal on FB, the AI must have gone “OK, she’s Slavic, single, and likes loud music… cool, well, we have a pickle/vibrator/Bluetooth speaker, stick that in the ad.”

Anyway, no garden pics this week because it’s all still buried under snow.